3 New Items Added to the Collection

I’m adding three new items to my gallery today.  A round Blackfoot beaded bag, a Crow knife with beaded sheath and a wonderful and early Comanche saddle bag made of buffalo hide.

Blackfoot Beaded Bag

The round Blackfoot bag is just over 6″ in diameter and has beautiful and dynamic movement of color around the wheel.  The bag opens at the top with about a 3.5″ opening that is beaded in alternating blue and white.  The back side is plain without beading.  This bag, item #444 is priced at $1900.

Crow Knife with Beaded Sheath

The simple and bold knife sheath is 8.5″ long and the knife is 10″ long.  There is some suggestion that the smaller size may mean it’s a woman’s knife.  The sheath is made of older parfleche and is beaded only on the front.  The back of the sheath is plain exposed leather.  The beading design is modern in appearance and makes for a dramatic effect.   The knife with sheath, item #443,  is priced at $2,400.

Comanche Saddle Bag

This saddle bag is bold and beautiful with its simplicity.  The bag measures 39″ not including the fringe and 74″ including the fringe.  At its widest the bag is 11″ and the narrowest, 8.75″. The bag dates before 1870 and is comprised of buffalo hide, early cochineal dyed red stroud and white and deep blue beads.  The stroud and beading is on each end and on only one side.  The stroud continues up the seam to connect the two ends.  The seams and beads all appear to be sewn with sinew.  Some parts of the stroud have been replaced in small areas.  There is a pigment added to the overall hide giving the bag a warm hue of soft red.   There are also a few areas of mended hide with sinew thread.

Please stop by my gallery to view all 3 of these items.  If you have any questions, call 505 699-0323 or email  jamie@jamescomptongallery.com.


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