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Plains Indian Scouts Wearing Navajo Blankets

It’s rare to find old paintings with Native Americans wearing Navajo blankets, but a friend of mine shared this Bonham’s listing with me.  This painting is by Charles Craig and shows a group of scouts out on the plains.  An encampment can be seen...

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An Unusual Gobernador Large Bowl

This large bowl measures 11″ deep and a diameter of 17″.  While I am not an expert on pre-historic or early historic Southwest pottery, I was informed that this was Gobernador based on it being from the collection of Dwight Lanmon, who is an...

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My Sister’s Pop-up Show coming to Santa Fe

My sister Candace Compton Pappas is having a show here in Santa Fe at the Shelby house from April 18 to May 2.  I own several of her pieces and love having them in my home.  Anyone that comes to my house admires them...

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A Norwegian Blanket, Retevev Technique

This Wonderful Norwegian blanket has similarities to the early classic Navajo blankets.  The colors are the same with golden white, strong red and deep indigo blue.  I was compelled to acquire this blanket both because of the similarities as well as the beauty of...

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I’ve loved wampum for years.  I’m fascinated about its history, evolution and its uses.  Wampum is a bead made out of shell from either the channeled whelk shell or the quahog or Western North Atlantic hard-shelled clam.  The beads produced are either white, purple,...

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Burro Alley in Santa Fe, NM

The James Compton Gallery is on Burro Alley, 28 Burro Alley to be precise. This is a historic street in Santa Fe, NM, and now exists as a pedestrian walking street with access at the north end to West Palace Avenue (actually Sandoval Street...

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Native American art

Old Hopi Bowl

This Hopi bowl, dating from the late 19th to early 20th century, measures 9.5″ in diameter and 4″ tall.  The patina on the surface is a rich butter honey color.  The red center is a rarely seen design element, making me consider that this...

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Gallery Signage is up!

Thanks to my designer John Pappas of www.12acrestudio.com and to my maker and installer Peter Tengler of https://artmanproductions.com, my gallery signage is up and ready to show itself! The background for the main sign is topped with deep blue and the bottom with dark...

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native american blanket

An Optical Navajo Rug

This is one of my earliest Navajo weaving purchases and remains one of my most favorite. The rug is fine and thin, almost a blanket weight, and measures 87″ x 52″.  The simple border is an un-dyed natural brown color with wonderful variations.  The...

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native american textile

Civil War Blanket Owned By Samuel G. Gilbreth

This banded blanket was owned and carried by Samuel G. Gilbreth, 1st company of Massachusetts Sharpshooters, and was passed down the family to its present state in my gallery.  Blankets in general interest me, but this one particularly stands out considering its beautiful simplicity...

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