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Rio Grande Blankets

A Brief History of Rio Grande Blankets Rio Grande blankets are more rare than Navajo blankets. These blankets are becoming more popular as collectors recognize that these objects have their own niche in the world of fine weaving.  The Spanish Colonialists made these blankets...

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Native American art

Navajo Chief’s Blanket

I’ve just added a Navajo chief’s blanket to the collection and this item is for sale.  The price is $45,000. This blanket dates to around 1875 and measures 58 by 74 inches.  The warp and weft are all wool; the warp being a single...

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Collecting and Letting Go

My psychology in collecting art has a fundamental rule that I follow with some variations.  The rule is this: collecting something requires letting go of something else.  The practical dilemma here is that I can’t keep everything because my resources are limited and the...

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James Compton Gallery

Why I Collect Native American Indian Art

If dying is as important as being born, then we, the European-based North American culture, have lost the path in getting there.  If this path was lost because we have left our rooted homeland for North America, then adopting the Native American culture is...

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