A Large Prehistoric Pueblo San Lazaro Glaze Wear Bowl

Item: 282

Origin: Prehistoric Pueblo, Rio Grande Glaze Wear
Date: AD 1470 – AD 1515

Media: pottery wear

Dimensions: 12″ diameter, 5″ tall

Description: This is a wonderful and large example of Rio Grande glaze wear.  It is also known as San Lazaro glaze polychrome.  The bowl has an ancient look about it, appropriately so.  It’s energy is powerful and is palpable by most that see it.

The thin pottery has designs both inside and out. Outside designs are outlined stepped shapes with the perimeter all in black and the interior either red or white.  These exterior designs may represent feathers. The interior is a complex array of 4 zones each separated with 5 vertical black bars.  The interior of the bars are what appear to be two birds apposing each other.   These 5 diagrammatic designs are further bordered above and below with two, circulating bands. There appears to be white glaze added between these upper and lower circulating bands.

Condition:  Condition is broken and put back together with very little overpaint and very little infill.

Price: SOLD

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