19th C Zuni Water Jar

Item: 898

Origin: Pueblo – Zuni
Date: : Circa 1875 – 1885
Media: Clay
Dimensions: 9.5″ tall, 13.5″ diameter

Description:  This is a wonderful and early Zuni water jar, or olla.  It’s early enough to have the classic elements of design, all done as varied size bands circulating the jar.  These bands are broken by two vertical compositions of boxed quadrants done in a stepped style. The widest circulating band  begins at the top of the shoulder and drops down about 4″ to midpoint and includes 2 capped spirals both radiating out from a triangular shape that includes stepped motifs and other elements that I don’t know how to name.   Under this spiral band is a band of red birds and this is the most narrow band.  Under this band is the second largest band mimicking the upper band of spirals except in reverse.  Here, the triangle is on top and the 2 spirals spin away in reverse form from the upper band. The patina to the surface is rich in texture and color, showing good age and use.  The energy in this jar is strong and it commands any space with pride.  There are a total of 10 photos for this jar, so make sure to see them all. For a similar but older jar, look at this early Zuni olla.

Condition:  The jar has been black lighted and there is no sign of any restoration, or breaks.  There is an obvious old crack seen in the photos that may have been native fixed.  It runs from the rim towards the shoulder and is about 2.75″ long and is stable. Chips can also be seen along the rim. The under body of the jar has more wear.

Price: $7400