Early Historic Taos / Picuris Kiva Bowl

Item: 612

Origin: Pueblo – Taos / Picuris
Date: : Possibly 1664 – 1706
Media: Clay tempered with shell
Dimensions: 4″ tall, 9″ diameter

Description: Rare and unusual kiva bowl with 4 stepped corners. Shell-tempered Taos or Picuris Pueblo Kiva or Cloud bowl, ca. 1664-1706, possibly Scott County Pueblo/El Cuartelejo in western Kansas, since that is the only location where the Mississippian tradition of shell tempering is found in Pueblo pottery. The Four Terraced Motifs seen on this bowl represent rain clouds from the four cardinal directions. The ceremony may have included the use of cornmeal, sacred water, or boiled medicine.

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