3 Pairs of Child’s Moccasins

Item: 773

Origin: Plains, Plateau or Nez Perce?
Date: Late 19th to early 20th C

Media: Hide and beads
Dimensions:  6″, 5.75″, 5.5″

Description: These moccasins came from the same collection and they are all number consecutively as B-44, B-45, and B-46.  B-44 is likely by the Nez Perce or Plateau tribe with very fine beads done in a floral contour pattern. These also have a higher collar around the lacing area.  B-45 has a collar that is folded down at the lace point and serrated along its final edge.  The beadwork seems more classic Plains, with the central design radiating out with different colors. The outer toe and side portion is lined with four rows of spaced out beads all in one color specific to the row.  These rows end at the point where the folder down collar lays.   There is a small tongue going forward from the lacing point, also serrated cut.  B-46 is more fully beaded with a light blue band that goes from the toe all the way to circle the back at the heal.  There is a tongue that jets out over the beaded portion that is serrated with two, big points.  The top of the cuff is lined with a fine, green type of stroud.  This green stroud has some damage where it appears bugs have made a few good bites.

Condition:  All three moccasins are in very good condition with the only issue seen in how the green stroud has some loss.

Price: 3250