Navajo Horse Fetish in Hide Bag early 20th Century

Item: 1207

Origin: Navajo
Date: First quarter 20th C.

Media: Stone, hide

Dimensions: 3.5″ x 1″ x 1.5″ tall

Description: This Navajo horse has been in this hide bag for a long time.  The bag has taken on perfectly the shape of the horse – it’s clear exactly how this fetish goes back into its bag. This is a large horse for the typical size of Navajo fetishes.  The horse has beautiful lines, all tending towards the style of stream lining with the long length of its back and the short legs. The four legs are delineated, as are the two eyes with turquoise, the mane and the tail.  There is a wonderful patina resulting in a rich, abraded surface that is shinny and smooth.


Condition:   Condition is excellent with a polished patina to the surface.

Price: SOLD

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