Pueblo / Ancestral Pueblo Tab Turquoise Necklace With Spiny Oyster As Pendant

Item: 1637

Origin: Pueblo/Ancestral Pueblo
Date: 19th Century to Prehistoric

Media: Spiny oyster, turquoise, heishi

Dimensions: 17″

Description: This is a very rare necklace of heishi shell beads, turquoise tabs, and a full spiny oyster shell with inlaid turquoise as well as a hide wrap.  The shell pendant is likely prehistoric based on the wear.  The inlaid turquoise could be the original, prehistoric stone, or it could have been replaced later.  In terms of later, this inlaid turquoise is at least as old as the mid 19th century.  The piece of hide that wraps through two adjacent holes on the pendant has much wear to it.

The necklace portion is mostly fine, heishi white shell, round beads. They are interspersed with one piece of coral and a total of 10 turquoise tabs, one of which is tied external to the necklace. These tabs show evidence of being hand drilled, likely with a bow drill.  The necklace is continuous with a squaw rap at the top that all appears to be orginal.

Condition:  Condition is original without restoration.

Price: 2750

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