An Early Zuni Horse Fetish With Hide Bag

Item: 1341

Origin: Zuni
Date: early 20th c

Media: Stone, turquoise, spiny oster shell, cotton

Dimensions: 3″ long, .8″ tall

Description: This elongated horse is elegant in its form. The lines while brief and subtle, suggest so much about what makes a horse be a horse. The eyes are inlaid with turquoise.  The hide bag is early as well, and appears to be from a young buffalo. There is pollen inside the bag, coating the horse in fine dust.  The horse also has red ochre on it which has mostly been rubbed off. The turquoise tab is pump drilled.

Condition:  Condition is excellent.

Provenance: From an old private collect in Albuquerque, NM

Price: SOLD

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