A Navajo Pictorial Double Saddle Blanket

Item: 1099

Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1920

Media: Wool with natural and synthetic dyes

Dimensions: 55″ x 30″

Description: This double saddle blanket is unique with the four corners – 2 as horse heads and the other as volero stars.  The center of the blanket is bordered on each side with six feathers and one corn plant.  4 of the 6 feathers are black and 2 are sand in color.   The four feathers grouped together have a fine and wonderful beading of the yarn looking like salt and pepper.  The two corn stocks are a deep green with white roots and tan flowers at each end.  The feathers point to the center of the blanket, but the center is left as an open space making the arrangement all the more powerful.  The wool is fine and silky and the handle of the blanket is thin.  This saddle blanket is really a presentation piece.

Condition:  Condition is excellent with only the most minor restoration to one small hole.

Price: Sold

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