A Stunning Pueblo Manta With Indigo and Hills and Valleys

Item: 1323

Origin: Hopi or Zuni
Date: Circa 1880

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 54″ by 39″

Description: What a beautiful manta this is!  It is superbly woven with contrasts between the black/blue borders and the deep brown body.  The black borders are trimmed with lighter indigo blue and purple colored yarns.  The diamond twill is black yarn, possibly indigo dyed but this has not been tested.  All the yarns are hand spun wool.  The body is a diagonal twill with hills and valleys at the top and bottom.   I have never seen the hills and valleys so well woven, and with such strong delineation due to how high the relief is woven above the diagonal twill weave below it.

It is hard to portray this blanket in photos, as the camera tends to bring in too much light.  As a result, I have shown photos here in varied light to try and get closer to the true colors.  There’s nothing like seeing the weaving in person.

Condition:  Condition is excellent with no restoration.  There is evidence of black over dye in the deeper set areas.

Price: SOLD

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