An All White Rio Grande Blanket

Item: 180

Origin: Spanish Colonial, New Mexican
Date: Late 19th Century

Media: Wool
Dimensions:  78″ x 51″ not including fringe

Description: This is a highly unusual blanket, woven in alternating twill pattern creating a banded system throughout.  The ends have fringe similar to Mexican blankets south of the border.  Large, dreadlock like tassels hang from each corner.  The wool is very soft, more like angora.  There are thoughts that this could have been a Hopi wedding blanket woven by a Spanish Colonial person.  The tassels, as well as the all white blanket, resemble those made by the Hopi for the woman in the wedding ceremony.

Provenance: This piece was recovered from Frank Waters (1902-1995) bedroom in Arroyo Secco, NM, about 12 miles north of Taos in 2016. His most well known books are The Man Who Killed The Deer (1942), The Book Of The Hopi (1963), Masked Gods: Navajo and Pueblo Ceremonialism (1950). These books have never been out of print.

Restoration:  No restoration needed.  One corner missing a tassel.

Price: 7500

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