An Early Hopi Bowl With Zuni Designs

Item: 431

Origin: Hopi
Date: Circa 1890

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 3.75″ tall, 8″ diameter

Description: This bowl has an amazing, worn patina.  The design is all there, both inside and out,The slip is a classic Hopi slip, and not Zuni. This is one of the cross-over pieces mixing Hopi with Zuni as has occurred due to the Hopi taking in the Zuni during earlier, harder times.  There is an old inventory number “103” on the inside edge. It appears very much like the numbering size and shape of the ethnology expedition by Stevenson in the late 19th century.  The number is visible in the first photo, at the back of the bowl just below the inside rim. The exterior design is the classic Zuni design found on most of their bowls.  The interior is also very Zuni, with interlocking crooks and other odds shapes.


Condition:  Condition is very good with surface wear and paint loss.  There has been no restoration and this bowl is in its original condition.

Price: SOLD


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