An Early Navajo Double Saddle Blanket Circa 1900 With Open Center

Item: 1375

Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1900

Media: Hand spun wool

Dimensions: 53″ by 29.5″

Description: This double saddle blanket has everything going for it.  The wool appears to be the soft churro as the handle is wonderful. The elongated center is woven of highly variegated soft, brown yarns.  The center is bordered with a white zig-zag line that is set against an all-natural brown background.   The corners are beautifully resolved and is evidence that this was a skilled weaver.

!The photos shown here are low resolution. Please do not hesitate to ask for higher resolution photos.

Restoration:  Minor restoration to the sides and a small tear at one end.

Price: SOLD

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