An Early Utilitarian Canteen

Item: 1174

Origin: Hopi (likely) possibly Gobernador
Date: 19th century if not earlier

Media: Fired Clay

Dimensions: 5.5″ x 5.3″ x 3.4″

Description: This is an unusual canteen.  The corn cob stopper was stuck inside and I was able to get it out. It no longer fits, thus the white paper towel wrapped around its base.  The wear and patina to the surface of this piece is amazing.  There are no handles.  There is a ring around the upper body defining a full circle.  There are a couple fire clouds, the largest being towards the top right off from the spout. I claim Hopi as the maker due to the color of the slip.  However, the uneven surface and the deep patina has me considering Gobernador – that period of pottery with strong Hopi influence made between 1500 A.D. and 1800 A.D.  Gobernador is known for unusual pieces, in both form and surface treatment.  This one seems to fit the pattern.  The small size of the corn cob as a stopper could also support an earlier age period.

Condition:  Condition is excellent with surface wear as expected.  There are no breaks, cracks or restoration.

Price: 1100