Apache Belt Hide Bag

Item: 122

Origin: Apache
Date: Before 1870

Media: Hide, glass beads

Dimensions: 23″ by 6″, does not include the 3″ of fringe on each end

Description: This hide bag is soft as silk.  It’s possible that this is a belt bag and would hang over a belt and let the two ends hang like saddle bags on a horse.  This may also be a medicine bag and not necessarily carried on the belt.  However it was used, this fine bag is a beautiful statement of utilitarian simplicity. The red stroud at the ends with the fringe is a strong Apache trait, as is the length of the fringe.  The stroud has been dye tested by Dr. David Wenger and is 100 % cochineal. This means that the stroud was likely used prior to 1870.  The majority of the beads on the opening are pony beads with the rest being fine red with white hearts, white and yellow. The pony sized beads come in white, blue, yellow and red with white hearts.  There is a mend on the back side with red white hearts and plain red beads.  See the detailed photos for close up views of the beads.

Condition:  Condition is excellent.


Price: SOLD

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