Buffalo Stone Fetish From Taos Pueblo

Item: 1580

Origin: Pueblo
Date: First half 20th C.

Media: Stone, likely alabaster

Dimensions: 2″ by 1.1″ by .7″ wide

Description: It is rare to find an early buffalo fetish from a Pueblo.   This buffalo appears to be made from alabaster. It has a face with eyes, nose and mouth delineated.  There is also evidence of a tail on the backside.  It comes with the original hide bag.  The bag is covered with a red ochre and the same mineral is found on the fetish.  The shape of the buffalo is classic with the hump and the uniquely shaped head.

Condition:  Condition is original without restoration.

Provenance: From a private collection in Albuquerque, NM collected directly from the Pueblo in the 1960s.

Price: Sold

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