Bulto Of Flight From Egypt, New Mexico Spanish Colonial

Item: 1079

Origin: Spanish Colonial New Mexico
Date: Figures – last half of the 19th c., donkey and assemblage – earlier 20th c.
Media: Wood, gesso, paint
Dimensions: 11″ by 12″

Description: This bulto may have been assembled by Elmore Shupe, an artist and creator early in the 20th century on up to the later 20th c.  The two fitures are much older than the assemblage, likely dating to around the mid 19th century up to 1875.  The donkey and platform were likely made in the first half of the 20th century.   All of the figures are carved wood, with gesso added before being painted.  The figures have kept their early charm showing much expression with the use of their arms.   Their faces have a good and focused look.

Condition: There may well have been adjustments to these figures to make them work with this story of the flight from Egypt.

Provenance:  The deceased owner was Alden Frick McGrew (1910-1987), former chairman of the Art Department University of Colorado, by descent within his family. He had a house in New Mexico in the 1950’s and 1960’s and it’s assumed he likely purchased this bulto during that time.

Price: 4950

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