Early, Classic Rio Grande Blanket

Item #: 265
Origin: Spanish Colonial, New Mexico
Date: Circa 1860
Media: Wool
Dimensions: 93″ by 49.5″

Description: A beautiful and simple Rio Grande blanket, woven with alternating bands of natural brown and indigo dyed wool. The indigo has a wonderful, full and rich tone, with variations to the intensity.  This gives the blanket added depth both close up as well as from afar.   The blanket was at one time likely treated by the Fred Harvey Company, as the end warps have been tucked back into the blanket and these ends have been finished with selvage as if it were Navajo made.  The corner tassels left are classic Fred Harvey braided tassels, not original to either Navajo or Spanish Colonial weavers.    Fine beading of the white bands adjacent to the indigo blue adds an extra layer of detail.  There is still the existing Fred Harvey lead seal tag on one of the corners.

Restoration:  Minor restoration to the ends and a couple small holes in the interior.

Price: SOLD

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