Early Cradleboard With Moon Carving

Item #: 257
Origin: Pueblo
Date: Last Half Of 19th Century
Media: Wood
Dimensions: 22 x 8 x .5″
Description: This early, Pueblo cradleboard has been reduced down to the support board for the baby. There is a moon crescent cut into the board, suggesting perhaps that the child sleep well. The top portion steps up to a point like a pyramid. The board shows much age in its construction (likely chipped out and not sawn out) with early dug holes for leather straps. One remaining portion of wood dowel is left hanging on a bit of old leather banding. The dowel was believed to have been used as a part of the shielding system to protect the baby from the sun. Evidence of the neck bar is visible due to its imprint from use. Various other leather straps remain, however much fore shortened.

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