Early Elk Buffalo Hide Scrapper

Item: 499

Origin: Northern Plains
Date: Late 18th C. to early 19th C.

Media: Elk antler
Dimensions: 13″ x 3″

Description: This is a great and early scrapper with three horses etched into it.  The patina is heavy with old blood and is smooth and finely cracked with age.  A row of 10 large dots lines the side just below the top.  On the same side and at the base are two horses, one either dark in color or wearing a blanket and the other set against a ridge of mountains.  Opposite to thes horses on the other side is a single horse with bridle and a leader.  This scrapper comes with the stand.

Provenance is via Trotta-Bono and Helene Sage.  This scrapper is found with multiple photos in Helene Sage’s book, Native American Horse Gear: A Golden Age of Equine-Inspired Art of the Nineteenth Century.

Price: $4200