Early New Mexican Bench

Item #: 670
Origin: Spanish Colonial, New Mexican
Date: Early 19th Century
Media: Pine
Dimensions: 42″ long, 27″ tall
Description: This bench is all original and has the density and feel of early pine.  I believe that the same maker of the bench in the book New Mexican Furniture 1600 – 1940 by Lonn Taylor, Plate 92 on page 84, also made this bench.  Notice the arms used – that being a whole diameter branch with roundness going all around it.  Also, the three cuts into the wood, only on one side of the relief boards for the back, are the same signature used on this bench. These cuts can be seen in photo 4.

This bench was purchased about 30 years ago from a small shop on the road between Chimayo and Truchas, NM.  It’s smaller size is not meant for children, but instead represents a size used for adults, who were smaller back in those days.

Notice the simple undulating, continuous line going along the under bench board as seen in the 6th photo.  The bench was at one time painted a brown color, and evidence of this can be seen on the back side – photo 5.   The 2nd and 3rd photos show the roundness of the arm rests.

Price: Sold

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