Early Pair Of Mohawk Child’s Moccasins

Item: 1336

Origin: Mohawk tribe, New York state (attributed to)
Date: 1820 – 1840

Media: Hide, pony beads, small glass beads, silk

Dimensions: 4 and 4.5″ long

Description: This small pair of child’s moccasins have both the pony white beads and the tiny glass colored beads. The silk used as trim around the tops is 50% eroded away.  These have been stored in a picture from for 60 years, and I imagine the sun and heat got to the silk. They are a very charming pair and unusually old.

Condition:  Condition very good with decomposition of the silk.  No missing beads.  One small crack on the underside towards the toes (seen final photo, lower moccasin). The hide is soft and supple, except for the toes where it’s stiffer.

Price: 1150

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