Early Pueblo Wearing Blanket, Child or Woman’s Size

Item: 746

Origin: Pueblo
Date: Mid 19th Century

Media: Wool
Dimensions: 50.5″ x 34.5″

Description: This soft and supple blanket is made of early churro wool.  The wool is a creamy golden white, the texture soft yet not fuzzy, and the wool fibers are clean, long and parallel (the final photo shows this well), giving what would normally be a monotonous background instead a place of high texture and variation.  The discrete use of deep indigo blue between the brown bands adds a conservative punch that gives this blanket its focused attention.  The under-pinning warps run at times in brown groups instead of the creamy white, adding further to the hidden dreams held within. This blanket was at one time an everyday person’s piece of clothing for warmth and security.  Now, its simplicity speaks of its humble yet powerful beauty in the quiet way it gets to show itself off.

Condition:  This blanket is in original, un restored condition.  The selvages are found with both two ply and three ply.  There are no corner tassels, only corner knots more typical of Pueblo. There also are no lazy lines.


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