Early Stone Pipe Bowl with Stem, Great Lakes

Item: 229

Origin: Eastern Plains, Great Lakes
Date: 18th century

Media: Stone and metal

Dimensions: 2.5″ x 4.5″ 1.4″

Description: This pipe bowl with a short stem was found in England before making its way back to the United States.  The patina on this stone is amazing.  The cut work in it shows 3 “x”s on the top, a series of dashes on the sides, and two meandering lines on the base.  There is a small tab coming out of the base with a hole for securing the pipe, I imagine, while traveling around.  Right at the tip of the stem is a double wrapped piece of wire.  This wire does not appear to fix anything.  It may have been a part of the attachment to the stem.

Condition: It appears the bowl was broken and fixed, in part with red sealing wax.  However, this sealing wax follows only a small portion of the break, so it may have been on there well before the break and was a decorative aspect applied.

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