Early Woven Military Sash

Item #: 285
Origin: US Military
Date: Circa 1750 – 1850
Media: Wool
Dimensions: 79.5 x 5.25″ ( 116″ long with fringe)
Description: This sash is dyed with cochineal, and is constructed by a weaving technique called Sprang Weave.  This is an ancient method of constructing fabric that has a natural elasticity.  It is somewhat like netting, but here all the threads are warps.  The end result is a sash with a fair amount of stretch to it.  This sash was possibly used for the War of 1812 by a soldier, or perhaps even the Revolutionary War.  It is in very good condition with a few small holes within its interior.  The edges and fringe are all in excellent shape.  Here is an excellent article about sprang weaving particularly in relation to military sashes: http://www.clothestellstories.com/index.php/sprang.

Price: SOLD

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