Early Pueblo Bear Fetish in Turquoise

Item: 1052

Origin:  Pueblo
Date: Likely historic, augmented in the first half 20th century

Media: Turquoise, obsidian, shell, hide, sinew

Dimensions:  2.25″ long, 1.5″ tall

Description: This fetish appears to be an earlier (19th c.) fetish that was turned into a tourist piece by adding the arrowhead and the two shells with hide/sinew.  The incredibly beautiful, light colored turquoise is inter-mingled with a light tan rock.  The wear appears strong, with a portion of the face worn off.

Provenance: This single fetish was acquired along with 14 others, all from the Tres Compadres Ranch of the McMahon family of Houston, TX. Patricia Bennett McMahon (1929-2017) and her sister had one of the early art galleries in Santa Fe, NM.

Price: 2600

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