Historic Cochiti Dough Bowl

Item: 1000

Origin: Cochiti
Date: Circa 1880

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 9.5″ tall, 16″ diameter

Description: This dough bowl shows much original use as it was likely in a pueblo home in a corner where it sat for many years.   Wear to one side suggests this was the exposed side, the other side being protected. The patina is warm and rich.  The bowl has a beautiful form, gently sloping up to a high shoulder than then transitions into a short out-flaring rim.

Condition / Restoration: No restoration other than the existing wire wrapped around the rim, likely placed there by a pueblo person. The condition shows cracks, slip loss, and an old rim wire holding this bowl together.  The bowl feels very sound with no movements from the cracks and is as solid as can be considering all the use.

Price: 8500