Historic Zuni Dough Bowl

Item: 999

Origin: Zuni
Date: Circa 1860

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 9.5″  tall, 17″ diameter

Description: This wonderful, flaring dough bowl has an early simplistic look to it.  The red paste underbelly and the large open areas of design suggests an earlier date before 1870, possibly as early as 1850s.   The simple design of  polychrome “checks” with steps and floating double volutes is repeated 6 times around the bowl.  The bottom double border has a break.  Dramatic fire clouds are found on the base. The internal crack seen does not go through to the front and has been there since its firing.  This may be the reason that this bowl was given up early on to a collector due to this internal flaw.

Provenance: Originally from Robert Gallegos, reportedly found at the San Felipe Pueblo in an old storage shed that was being torn down.  From Gallegos the bowl went to Chris Selser.

Restoration:  The crack has been there since its original firing – it does not go through to the front.  Surface shows wear overall. One side was carefully restored with new paint in a highly worn area.

Price: 10,500