Historic Zuni Water Jar with Ethnographic Wear

Item: 1002

Origin: Zuni
Date: Circa 1870

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 10.5″  tall, 15.5″ diameter

Description: This amazing Zuni olla has survived in relatively good shape for all these years.  There are no cracks, breaks or overpaint but only long term wear, especially to the rim area where the ladle has likely cut into the pottery over time.   This large water jar has a beautiful shape to it with a horizontal shoulder leading up to a wonderfully sloping line to the rim.  There is a puki indent towards the base, created by the dish that was used to help start out this jar in its infancy.  The puki bowl has left its edge as a part of the feel of the underbody.  The design is broken up into three large areas with capped spirals and then three smaller areas with a circle surrounded by two daggers.  The daggers show up as well along the shoulder just before leading up to the rim.  Cross hatching is used in many areas in both black and red glaze.  The design is created with a deep, rich black brown glaze set against a white background allowing for a most powerful and bold expression.

Restoration:  No restoration has been detected.

Provenance:  From the collection of Al Anthony at Adobe Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

Price: 16,500