Hopi Tableta on Muslin Cloth

Item: 801

Origin: Hopi
Date: Late 19th to Early 20th C.

Media: Wood, muslin cloth
Dimensions:  24″ x 13.75″

Description: This tableta is done in the classic form for the dance of fertility.  The fertility aspect is noted by all of the phallic elements.  A fine muslin cloth has been stretched over the framework to create the base for all the paint. The stepped form and colors are typical for around the end of the 19th Century.  The more subdued color palate is pleasing to the eye and even the wear feels okay considering its use and age. It likely has been painted over several times. There is evidence of an earlier soft hued blue under the current colors. These can get used over and over again.  The image is painted on both sides, with some variations. This comes with a wall mount that sets the whole piece 3″ away from the wall, giving it a good sense of space and prominence.  The final photo shows how the shadow reinforces the image as a backdrop.

Condition:  Condition is pretty clear from the photos, crackling of paint, with tears and breaks to the cloth, but no loss to form or parts.

Price: SOLD

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