Kiowa / Comanche Copper Tobacco Canteen Circa 1875

Item: 1499

Origin: Kiowa/Comanche
Date: Circa 1875

Media: Copper

Dimensions: 3″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″

Description: This is a precious and rare rocker engraved copper canteen.  We feel that it is likely Kiowa or Comanche, and to a much lesser extent, Navajo.  It has Navajo characteristics to the size and the way the chain and stopper were attached.  It varies from the Navajo because of the construction with the side edge, the use of lead solder (Navajo were reported to never use lead as a solder material) and the type of design. The rockery engraving is the same on each side.

The design first appears to be the capital letter “A”.  We feel that it is most likely not the letter “A” as the Southern Plains Indians were not writing at this early date.  The use of pictures to tell as story was the way they “wrote.”  One thought is that this is a home located in front of a snow capped mountain.  The “bubble” on the horizon line is the home, or hut and the “mountain” is reinforced on each side by additional buttressing, almost like hills supporting it.  The mountain has a line through the middle of it, representing the snow line? On one side appears a small “figure” inside the hut, clearly created by the rockery work (see the final photo).  The scene is outlined around the perimeter with scalloped edging.  The sides are rocker engraved with a repeating pattern of triangles, perhaps a mountain range?  The steel chain and cork are may not original to the canteen.  The patina and wear shows good age.

Condition:  Condition is original without restoration.

Price: Sold

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