Large Cooking Pot of Micaceous Clay

Item: 1137

Origin: Picuris or Taos Pueblo, possibly Spanish Colonial
Date: Last Quarter 19th C.

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 11.5″  tall, 12.5″ diameter

Description: This large cooking pot has a wonderful shape. The attribution could be any of the three groups that typically used micaceous clay; Picuris (most likely) Taos Pueblo or a Spanish Colonial family settled in the Rio Grande valley. The tall, ovoid body comes to a strong shoulder with a crease around the base of the neck defining well the transition from shoulder to neck. The neck is relatively tall, and flairs to a broader opening.  The flecks of mica can be seen throughout the jars surface.  This micaceous clay was preferred for cooking since it allowed for stronger heat resistance or “play” with the fire. The base shows good evidence of use as does the whole surface, with varying degrees of black charcoal mixed in with the golden brown clay.  The form, surface texture and size make this an exceptional vessel.  It’s simplicity makes it all the more powerful.

Restoration:  No restoration has been detected.  The rim is chipped and the chips show good age.  There are no other cracks or losses.

Price: SOLD

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