Large Spanish Colonial Petaca or Conquistador Hide Trunk

Item: 1115

Origin: The Americas
Date: 18th Century to early 19th Century

Media: Hide

Dimensions: 30″ x 20″ by 19″ tall

Description: This is the largest and most ornate petaca I have ever seen. It’s full of history as its shape and patina display. The organic movement of the hide is beautiful.  The handles fit the hands perfectly, a sense that their very shape and form is a story in how humans adapt things to themselves.  The ornate quality and size of this one suggests it was made for an upper class person.  The hide is supported by wood corners and wood slats in the top.  There are multiple layers of hide here, as when on compares the inside view you see no holes, but when you look at the bottom outside view, you see several holes.   This trunk makes for a dramatic display in any space.

Condition: The age shows on this piece – it’s shape, occasional holes and fixes. It is still very functional as it has been for the last couple of centuries.

Price: SOLD

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