Nampeyo of Hano Seed Jar Circa 1900


Item: 1643

Origin: Hopi – Nampeyo of Hano
Date: Circa 1900
Media: Clay
Dimensions: 8″ diameter, 3 1/4″ tall

Description:  This is a beautiful and iconic Nampeyo seed jar.  I say iconic because of the simply stated classic design and the austere shape with the tiny opening. The design is made up of two sets of spirals and two sets of feathers. I very much like how this is all slightly off center with one set of spirals being a bit smaller than the other. The style would be called black on red.  However, the base slip is much more orange than red and the outline to the designs is grey, not white.   These differences matter, at least to me. I’ve not a big fan of true black on red. I prefer the softer, classical Hopi color of warm, honey orange. I also very much like the more unstated use of grey to outline the design. It’s a more subtle accent than a sharp, white line would be.  The shape is what I would call sexy. It begs to be touched and caressed.  The small opening at the top makes everything come toghether with an artful form.

The photos shown here are lower resolution and do not allow for zooming in. Please reach out if you would like a set of high resolution photos.

Condition: Condition is original with no restoration.  There are 3 very small chips on the surface at the furtherest out edge.  There are no cracks.

Provenance: Medicine Man Gallery.  There is an old tag on the bottom which states that this pot is from the Elizabeth Otwell collection in 1909.

Price: SOLD

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