Navajo Child’s Blanket Circa 1875

Item: 1516

Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1875

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 55″ by 31.5″

Description: This is a striking child’s blanket with lots of indigo blue all on a soft corral red background.   The up and down wave motion of the central design is a classic pattern, but the small “saucers” sitting on the tops and bottoms of each wave has never been seen by me.   These accent points add not just in a small sense of scale, but also an enigmatic quality as to their meaning, if there even is any.  It’s interesting to note, on a fine scale, the way the weaver consistently runs the indigo yarn into the white weft areas.  It’s like a feathering of the indigo into the adjacent zone.   Also note the several spirit lines of white running through the red to the blanket edge (photo 4 and 8 – the last photo). The simple repetition on this blanket is not at all boring, in fact, it’s timeless with the given sense that these waves continue moving onwards off of the blanket into infinity….

Condition:  Condition excellent with some restoration to the edges.

Price: SOLD

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