Navajo Double Saddle Blanket

Item: 953

Origin: Navajo
Date: Late 19th Century

Media: Wool
Dimensions:  48″ x 29″

Description: This double saddle blanket is a bold presentation of shapes.  The serrated border,  that ‘s further serrated in small steps as the angle is expressed, is skillfully done in all corners as well as the center where they meet up in reverse.  Often weavers get lost with these borders, having a hard time judging spacing for an equal finish in all areas.  This one does not have that problem. The two, central gray carded rectangles float in a soft  field, their variation in strong contrast to the white background.   The weave is tight, and the blanket on the thicker side, which is why I imagine it remained strong throughout the body with no holes.

Restoration:  Restoration took place only along the sides where the edging had unravelled.   A few small stains remain as seen in the final photo.


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