Navajo “E” Blanket

Item: 1312

Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1890

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 47″ x 32.25″

Description: This blanket may have been a saddle blanket, as it fits the shape. The simple use of the letter “E” defines the design.  They are all arranged in rows within bands.  Two of the outer bands are darker, carded grey with wonderful abrash.  Two of the inner bands are a mottled white with variegations.  The “E’s” are all in a line with a background of natural brown hand spun yarn.  The center of the blanket, both horizontally and vertically, is an arrangement of 2 “E” back to back in a color that is likely a synthetic or natural dye of a light brown.  The wool is soft and comfortable.  This is a striking blanket and shows well in any setting.

Condition:  Condition is good with a few small holes in the body and some edge and corner wear.

Price: 2250

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