New Mexican Retablo Attributed to Jose Aragon, Circa 1830

Item: 1700

Origin: Northern New Mexico attributed to Jose Aragon
Date: Circa 1830

Media: Pine, water based paints

Dimensions: 11″ by 7 3/4″ wide, 1/2″ thick

Description: This is a lovely retablo showing Saint Joseph holding the Christ child.   The flowering staff represents his appointment as the father. The treatment of the eyes, nose, and hands are all characteristic of Jose Aragon’s work. The exaggerated and elongated rosette at the top is particularly nice.   The figures are against a plain field of soft, yellow, another characteristic of Jose Aragon.  The corners are embellished  with 45 degree line treatments. Saint Joseph wears a brown robe over a green shirt.  He holds the flowering stem  as well as his robe with his left hand while supporting the Christ child with his right.  The juxtaposition of the Saint’s hand adjacent to Christ’s hand is particularly sweet.   There is a halo outlined in green around each with an overlap allowing it to be open between their two faces.

Condition: Cleaned with very minor touch up.

Provenance: From a private collection in the Southeastern US.

Price: SOLD

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