Historic or Prehistoric Pueblo Animal Stone Fetish

Item: 583

Origin: Pueblo
Date: 19th Century or earlier, possibly prehistoric

Media: Stone
Dimensions: 4.25″ x 3.4″ x 2″

Description: This sweet animal, perhaps a porcupine, perhaps a mythological creature, is well animated with his big eyes, his rotund form, his big ears and sweet little legs.  The red ochre around the neck is an interesting detail adding further mystery to the animal.  There is a small hole drilled on top of the tallest spine, suggesting that perhaps a feather was stuck in here?

Condition: There is a  break to the most forward pine on his back, but this  happened a very long time ago.  Not all feet touch when on a flat surface.

Provenance:  Larry Frank to Tony Abeyta to my gallery

Price: 2200