Pueblo Antler Fetish

Item: 1618

Origin: New Mexico  – Pueblo
Date: First half 20th century
Media: Antler, turquoise
Dimensions: 5 5/8″ long, 1 5/8″ wide

Description:  This carving of a fish is made from antler.  The mouth is gapping open and a vertical cut on each side are likely gills. Two, inlayed turquoise pieces represent the eyes.  The tail  has a grove all the way around  just short of the end, suggesting something may have been tied here. The surface has a nice, smooth and aged finish to it.  Perhaps the item was hanging from a wall, or a screen or perhaps even used as a lure? It appears more for human’s use rather than to catch a fish.

The photos shown here are lower resolution and do not allow for zooming in. Please reach out if you would like a set of high resolution photos.

Condition: Condition is original with no restoration.

Provenance: From a private collection in Corral Gables, FL.

Price: 475

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