Pueblo or Plains catlinite Stone Pipe

Item: 1196

Origin: Pueblos or Plains
Date: 19th C.

Media: Stone – Catlinite

Dimensions: 3.75″ long by 1.1″ by 1.2″

Description: This two toned catlinite pipe shows great wear to the surface.  The detailed work along with the shape suggests a stone fetish.  It looks like it’s been rubbed a long time in certain places as if it were treated like a fetish, or a contemplation stone.  This came out of the Larry Frank collection, and the history is that it came from a pueblo.  The form is quite different from a classic Plains pipe, so I feel comfortable suggesting that this is pueblo.  I’m very open to other ideas.

Condition:   Condition is excellent with a highly abraded surface.

Price: $1400