Pueblo Shell Frog With Turquoise Eyes

Item: 1619

Origin: New Mexico  – Pueblo
Date: Circa mid 20th century
Media: Shell, turquoise
Dimensions: 1 5/8″ across, 1 1/2″ wide, 1/2″ tall

Description:  This charming  frog was used either as a fetish or as a pendant.  This design is carried over from the prehistoric Pueblo, most commonly made by the Hohokam culture. There are two side holes towards the top that suggest it might have been on a necklace.   The shell has a mostly white background with areas of brown pigment along the natural ribs of the shell.   The shell has been cut to show the face, the two front legs and the two hind legs. The turquoise appears to be set into the shell with commercial glue and not the earlier pinon pitch, thus the more contemporary date.

The photos shown here are lower resolution and do not allow for zooming in. Please reach out if you would like a set of high resolution photos.

Condition: Condition is original with no restoration.

Provenance: From a private collection in Corral Gables, FL.

Price: SOLD

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