Rare and Early Hopi Square Vase

Item: 1696

Origin: Hopi – Nampeyo of Hano
Date: Circa 1915
Media: Clay
Dimensions: 2 7/8″ by 3″ and 3″ tall

Description:  This precious gem is a rare and unique square vase by Nampeyo of Hano.  The juxaposition of the square body with the large round opening makes for a very pleasing design.  The transition from the flat sides to the curvaceous neck creates slight arcs at the the juncture and this is a very effective and satisfying resolution. The neck is decorated with four triangles in each corner.  The body has, on each side, a simple pyramid bordered with rectangular steps. The deep honey slip shifts in its coloring making the surface a highly interesting place to explore. The vertical edges of the sides often make a transition point between color variations.

The photos shown here are lower resolution and do not allow for zooming in. Please reach out if you would like a set of high resolution photos.

Condition: Condition is unrestored with no cracks or chips.

Provenance: From a private collection in Santa Fe, NM.  There is partial remains of the infamous Hopi sticker FROM THE HOPI VILLAGES.

Price: SOLD

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