Repisa, or Shelf, Spanish Colonial, Likely New Mexican

Item: 739

Origin: Spanish Colonial, likely New Mexican
Date: 19th Century

Media: Wood (pine), metal wire
Dimensions: 22″ tall, 18″ long and 5″ wide (without wire)

Description: This shelf, or repisa as called in New Mexico, has weathered a great deal.  The cross form supports at the base the horizontal shelf that is stepped at each end like a kiva and is fronted with a small border trim.  The wire at the top for hanging appears to be original.  I don’t know what this might have held, possibly small figures, Santos, a candle or even a book or two?

Restoration:  The vertical cross section above the shelf broke some time ago and has been secured.  The base was loose to the vertical support, but has been glued to be firm as well.  One side of the shelf has the stepped edge rough from the original cut.


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