Rio Grande Glaze Ware Bowl Circa 1700

Item: 1352

Origin: Early Zuni or early Acoma?
Date: 1350 – 1700 A.D. (likely the later part of that date)
Media: Clay, glaze
Dimensions: 12″ diameter, 5″ tall

Description: This large glaze ware bowl is full of character.  The workmanship on the exterior is gestural and loose, almost playful. The exterior is painted just below the rim with a repeating pattern of a spiral, a series of inverted steps and a “U” shape all in a dark green glaze and red matte paint. The interior has a ring of small triangles circulating the rim with a bottom boundary all in black/green glaze on top of matte red paint.  Going 1 inch below the inside rim, one finds a crease in the clay that circles the bowl setting a shift in the angulation of the shape. The middle of the inside bowl has what appears to be the shape of a sash angling back and forth connoting movement.  The sash is decorated at each end with small triangles, one row filled in, the other row outlined.  This is all done with black/green glaze with red matte paint covering the body of the sash.  The sash ends at a double ring of glaze circulating the bowl.

Condition:  The bowl was found broken and has been restored.  The only area of replaced pottery is at the very base where plaster was used. The rest of the bowl has well fitted cracks that are all visible.

Price: SOLD

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