San Ildefonso Small Bowl

Item: 1540

Origin: San Ildefonso Pueblo
Date: Circa 1890

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 4.75″ tall, 7.5″ diameter

Description: This is a very charming and rare San Ildefonso bowl.  These smaller, thin walled bowls broke easily when used, so it is rare to find one still in tact. The design is detailed and has enough black to make this a striking piece of pottery.   All of the painting is just below the black rimmed top to the mid body.  The designs are comprised of a broad zig-zag line creating a circle of half diamonds or triangles, all mostly filled in black.  There is one triangle that remains unfilled.   Of the 38 triangles, 13 of them have small leaves coming out of the corners.   Below this ring of triangles is a ring of leaves, 15 of them and all bisected in the middle longways.  All of these leaves have a horizontal, bisecting line except for 2.  Just below this band of leaves is the thin, dark red band at the top of the underside that is so characteristic of San Ildefonso pottery.  Below the red band is the stone polished surface in a soft tan hue.

Condition:  Condition is original without restoration and does include some exfoliation of the surface in portions of the underbody.  This is clear in the photos below.

Price: 1150

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