Santa Clara Pueblo Stone Axe

Item: 410

Origin: Santa Clara Pueblo
Date: Early 19th Century

Media: Stone and Buffalo hide
Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 1.5 inches (without stand)

Description: This amazing axe came out of an old estate in Connecticut where it existed for well over 60 years.  The white stone axe appears to be very early, possibly prehistoric.  It is attached to the tendon handle with buffalo wrapped leather striping.   There is pigment within the stone axe, mostly red or ochre in color.  Chipping to the corners appears to be very old and the use or function is not clear.  The energy from it is powerful and it commands its space.

The axe has an inscription on it that reads “MNA – 141 – 12 Santa Clara Pueblo circa 1830 Pawned Hubbel Trading Post 1910”.

Price: Sold

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