Santo Domingo 5 Strand Turquoise and Coral Necklace

Item #: 795
Origin: Santo Domingo
Date: Mid 20th C.
Media: Turquoise and coral
Dimensions: 16″ as worn

Description: 5 strands of alternating turquoise with coral make up this stunning necklace.  The coral is a deep and rich red color, showing high quality.  There is no clasp or hook as the necklace fits over the head and is finished with wrapped cotton over the base string.

Provenance: This came from the collection of Terry Hershey and the Jacob and Terese Hersey Foundation. Terry is considered one of the most important “Grand Dames” of Texas.  Her estate had numerous pieces of mid 20th century Native American jewelry, all of the highest quality.
Terese T. (Terry) Hershey (1923-2017), one of America’s most influential conservationists, passed away peacefully on her 94th birthday at her home in Houston. Called a “Force of Nature” by former President and friend, George H.W. Bush, Hershey’s impact on the landscape of the United States stretched from the banks of Buffalo Bayou in Houston to every state in the Union.

Price: SOLD

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